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A New South Australia Watercolour by Gary Kernick Hutchinson 
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Windmill Flinders Range NP SA A4 Max.jpg

" Waterpump, Ikara-Flinders NP, South Australia" 

        by Gary Kernick Hutchinson  

              Watercolour 2023

The Windmill, attached to a water pump signals a human presence in the popular Ikara-Flinders National Park in northwestern South Australia. Ancient and rugged moun­tain land­scapes, peace­ful tree-lined gorges and a sea­son­al wealth of wildlife. The sense of space unique to the semi-arid zone com­bine to make Ikara-Flinders Ranges Nation­al Park one of South Australia’s icon­ic destinations.

The park com­pris­es approx­i­mate­ly 95,000 hectares. It includes the Hey­sen Range, Brachi­na and Bun­yeroo gorges and the vast amphithe­atre of moun­tains that is Ikara Wilpe­na Pound.

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