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"Rusty Yacht at Mooring, Coffs Harbour Marina"
jetty reflections sunrise a4 max.jpg
"Coffs Jetty, Dawn reflections"
Jetty SunriseLR website.jpg
Pink bushfire dawn over Coffs Harbour Jetty 
Yellow dawn over Coffs Harbour Jetty 

"Sunrise light patterns, Jetty Beach, Coffs Harbour"    Watercolour 2018

"Jetty Jumping - a rite-of-passage for Coffs Youth"   Watercolour 2019

"Sailing on Coffs Harbour before an afternoon storm"   Watercolour 2020

"Relaxing on Jetty beach under an umbrella"   Watercolour 2018

"Fishing off Coffs Harbour Jetty"   Watercolour 2019

"Enjoying the afternoon sun on Coffs Jetty Beach Steps"   Watercolour 2018

"Yacht on Coffs Harbour at sunset"   Watercolour 2021

"Approaching Storm over Coffs Harbour Marina"  Watercolour 2020

" Coffs Harbour Marina Reflections"   Watercolour 2019

" Coffs Harbour Marina at Dawn"   Watercolour 2019

"Blue Billie at mooring in Coffs Harbour Marina "   Watercolour 2020

"Loading logs on Coffs Harbour Jetty in 1930's"   Watercolour 2020

"Reflections on Jetty Beach at sunrise"   Watercolour 2018

Jap bridge LR.jpg

"Bridge at Japanese Garden area, Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens"   Watercolour 2020

Sawtell pool yellow snset LR.jpg

"Ocean Swimming Pool at Sawtell Headland"   Watercolour 2020

Child running Sawtell beach LR.jpg

"In for a swim at Sawtell Beach"   Watercolour 2020

Fishing Boat leaving marina LR.jpg

"Fishing Boat "New Avalon" leaving Coffs Harbour Marina"   Watercolour 2020

Elaine on Jetty LR.jpg

"Lady on Jetty, Coffs Harbour "   Watercolour 2018

"Swimming Hole at Promised Land, Glennifer"   Watercolour 2020

"Dog Beach - North Wall, Coffs Harbour"   Collage Watercolour 2019

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